Gamcheon Village, Santorini in Asia

Gamcheon Village, Santorini in Asia

Busan is the first city I stepped on in South Korea and was also the last city I explored. After two days on Jeju Island I returned again to the mainland of the Korean peninsula. As soon as I landed in Busan I went straight to Toseong Station to meet my friend Lee who was willing to accompany me half a day around Busan. Our goal is to Gamcheon Village which is said to be similar to Santorini in Italy. Lee himself is also the first time to come here and just found out if there is something interesting in Busan even though he is a local, he knows Gamcheon also from me.


From Toseong to Gamcheon Cultural Village we boarded the bus, the way up and down dip and must be stamped with other passengers. Arriving at Gamcheon we immediately enter the village without having to pay the ticket, yes because it is free. Lee bought a map for us to not stray, but lost even if nothing. But if you use the map we can go around and to places of interest on the map to get a stamp, then if full can be exchanged with postcards. Tasted Dora the Explorer.

Gamcheon Village used to be said is the refugee area of ​​citizens who became victims in the Korean war era. They gathered at one place and gradually changed into settlements and built houses for shelter. I have never been to Santorini but see pictures on the internet are similar but not the same. Equally located in the hills with typical solid houses and equally close to the sea. What distinguishes is that Santorini dominant white but if the Gamcheon is very colorful and full of art touch in every corner. He said that this place has been used for filming the famous Korean Reality Show that is Running Man and it’s a series that I do not really know.

Let’s get lost

For art enthusiasts maybe this place is heaven because in every corner in poles with various contemporary arts that can provide inspiration. Although not the main tour in Busan but Gamcheon really the most suitable place to be made take pictures ria. Every house is painted with different colors, if viewed in one by one ordinary, but when viewed simultaneously from the high altitude so ciamik collection of colorful houses.

Some unique houses are shown in the map that must be visited, there is a dark room whose contents are just black cloth and either I do not understand the art haha. There is also a house specifically for doodled wall, of course I also follow the streaks hehe, and so forth. At the side of the road there are potted flower pots also have a house wall that is given interesting ornaments. Feels like an art gallery in an open space.

But not all homes can be entered, because this is a public settlement which means the village is alias alias there are residents who settled so visitors are expected not to be noisy if entering the small alleys that can disturb the natives. Some houses are seen there are cloth curtains so that visitors can not see their activities in the house.

Although already have a map but not afdol it seems if you do not base yourself in the village with a narrow passageway and up and down it. Interesting, the more strange it is finding something unique in the corner gangs. After the Gamcheon I asked Lee to take us to Taejongdae cliff, not so interesting to see the sea from the top of the cliff because in Jeju have seen too many cliffs like that so it’s just plain haha. Always travel safe and happy traveling !!!

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