7 Ways to Read Fast and Effectively Let You Never Need Too Long Look at Books

7 Ways to Read Fast and Effectively Let You Never Need Too Long Look at Books

As students and students, reading is not just a hobby, but also a necessity. How not, each subject or course must have a supporting book that the number is not only 1. Not to mention the number of pages. Obviously, you are often overwhelmed learning when going to the exam.

Well, so you will not be overwhelmed in reading the material when you want the exam, you need to apply the way of reading quickly, but also effective. In this way, you will more easily capture the required material without the need to waste time reading it over and over. What are the ways?

1. Mumbling Reads That Are Not Effective. Try Playing Instrumental Music or Chewing Chewing Gum to Control the Habit

Realize not if we often mumble what is being read? Actually, this style of reading is not wrong, it’s just less effective when used to read textbooks or lectures. You will take a long time to read in words per word. In addition, you will also be prone to repeat the previous reading.

To do so, make reading effective by reducing this habit. It’s hard indeed, but you can start trying it, really. How, put earphones in your ears and play instrumental songs; or it could be by chewing gum. That way, your brain will be distorted from reading vocalizations and more focused on reading and understanding only.

2. Viewing Distance Reading That Influences, Lho! To Be More Focused, Make Your Distance Distance ± 30 cm

Focus is the key to effective reading. If you do not focus, you will find it hard to understand what you are reading. Right, no? Well, there are many factors that can affect your focus level while reading. Starting from place, sound, physical condition, to the visibility of reading.

Reading with the distance between the eyes and the book closer does look more focused, but actually the opposite. Reading in the distance is too close will make you dizzy and difficult to understand because just see the reading in words per word. Therefore, read the book in the ideal distance, which is about 30 cm. Within this distance, your view will be wider so it can include 1 sentence directly. Your brain will be more relaxed in receiving information because it does not feel dizzy. So, more focused, right?

3. Reading Words per Word Will Spend Time. Familiarize yourself Reading in 1 Whole Sentence

To be effective and also fast, you can not read word by word. In a passage, words can not stand alone. Words are joined in a sentence that must be read in a single unit to be understood well. If you just focus on interpreting words per word, you will only be busy back and forth to repeat the previous reading. Not just spending time, but you also lose focus and understanding.

Read books or other readings per sentence. Put the focus of views always on the third and fourth words, thus the coverage of words that you can read will be more. After that, search for keywords every sentence you have read. The word will help you understand the meaning of the next sentence.

4. Move your finger in line with the reading to anticipate the rereading or the existence of a forgotten word

In addition to muttering, there are other habits that we are unconsciously sure to do while reading. Yep, repeating words or sentences that have previously been read. This habit is clearly ineffective, both in terms of time and understanding. It’s time to read so the longer, the understanding gained is also not so much.

Most of the reasons you reread are due to forgotten words, so you do not understand the reading on the next page. Well, to fix this, try reading with help from your index finger. Movement of the index finger according to the reading you are reading. That way, there will be no more forgotten or missed words, right?

5. Main Idea Important to Know. Search in Any Paragraph and Tagged Using Highlighter

One way to be able to quickly understand what you are reading is to know the main idea to be conveyed. Do not immediately search for the main idea of ​​1 book. Begin by paragraph.

Usually, the main idea or phrase is at the beginning or at the end of the paragraph only. When you know the main idea, put a mark with a highlighter. The main idea is the ‘bridge’ that connects each paragraph you read. By knowing and marking well, you will more easily understand and capture the intentions conveyed by the book.

6. Know Readability and Absorption Ability. Measure Routinely Every Book Reading

Reading good and effective, not always synonymous with speed, you know. There must be someone out there who reads very quickly but does not understand the content of the book he reads. Therefore, what needs to be measured is not speed, but up to what your reading and absorbency are.

How to know this ability is also easy. First, set the timer for 1 minute. Then, read the book as comfortably as possible until your timer goes off. Calculate how many paragraphs or pages you can read and record as evidence. Repeat this way every time you will read another book. Keep the time you need to be shortened but with a better understanding, to read not only faster but also more effective.

7. Make Yourself More Often Read. That way, your Effective Reading Skill Will Be More Sharpened

Practice makes perfect

Yep, really. Routine self-training will make you better. This does not only happen in the world of music or sports, but also reading. The more often you get used to reading, the more comfortable and good you are in doing it. And as you get better, reading time is not just faster, but you’re also getting easier in understanding the ideas and intentions of those readings.

Get used to reading anything every day; can be novels, magazines, newspapers, or articles on the internet. Do this routinely, practice the way in numbers 1 to 6, and your reading ability will be much better than before.

Those are 7 tips and tricks to make your reading activity faster and, of course, effective. Reading can be just your hobby, but if you keep your skills sharpened, it gets better, right? Good luck, happy reading!

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