Here’s how to save money in shopping

Here’s how to save money in shopping

I actually rarely shop, let alone all the needs that set the mother of the children, so I practically just as an introduction to wherever the foot of the stepped while shopping.

However, as the children grow larger and they need to learn to manage their monthly allowance, I can not help learning. Especially learn how to spend sparingly so that children are also accustomed. This way has been done, but not wrong if I share here.

1). Create a Shopping List
Creating a shopping list has been done down by our ancestors. This is very important to do before shopping. So before going out to shop in a mini market, supermarket, or market, make a first list of items to be purchased. The goal is very clear, by making the list, we will avoid buying unnecessary items.
In making a shopping list try, starting from the most important item first, new to the goods that are not too important or buy it can be postponed. So when shopping, who entered the shopping cart is the goods that really fit the needs and prioritized. Info price of goods can see in Alfamart program info

2). Bring a Budget 
Sometimes for fear of lacking, the spending money we carry is too much, but this has the potential to spend items that are not on the shopping list. My advice, take enough money in accordance with the shopping list that has been made.
The goal is to focus on the main needs that have been made in the shopping list. If there is a leftover later, no problem if you want to buy other items. Then what if the fear of money is not enough? We can add 10% of the total estimated value of groceries that have been made the list.

3). As much as possible using Cash
Why spend with cash? Is not a credit card or debit card more practical? If we always rely on credit cards and debit cards, it will allow us to spend more in addition to adding expenditure plans that already exist in the list.
Credit cards or debit cards should be used only on certain occasions, such as at the time of payment for the needs of household appliances that require a large bugdet.
If the reason for using card for security, may be to carry it, but try a special card, a card whose balance is limited to monthly expenses.

4). Discipline with Shopping Cart
The purpose of making a shopping list so that when shopping avoid buying unnecessary items. Therefore, it is necessary to discipline with the shopping list that has been made.
Even when shopping then want to buy items that are outside the plan, do when all the main items are entered in the basket. After that, just buy another item. Remember, no success comes without discipline. So also with frugal spending, will not be successful without any discipline.

5). Go Home immediately
Want to save? Try, after shopping straight home. Do not let us be tempted to walk or wash the eyes around the place of shopping, unless from the beginning is planned, after shopping there is a budget for a walk or just a wash of the eye for next month’s shopping planning.

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