Road to Laos

Road to Laos

The funny thing is that in Laos there are many brokers who offer important papers with barter money, they are sold. I just do not want to, in any country form is free!!. Luckily there are gentlemen who tell you to ask directly to the immigration officer who was busy stamping the passports of the visitors. It was not just us who were troubled with the form, once I started filling out some tourist form asking where I got the arrival form. After some time queuing up finally can also stamp the country of Laos in passport and I officially stepped on the land of flower frangipani, Laos.

Once out of the gate we immediately swapped the money so that it could soon spree hahaha. I am only armed with 100 USD and can be a tang of Laos currency that is KIP. Before we left for the capital we decided to stop by one of the closest attractions to Xieng Khuan or Buddha Park.

In front of the border gate many people are transporting to Buddha Park, the official price is 80,000 Kip or about 115,000 Rupiah. As I recall I managed to raise up to half. Transportation is a kind of open-air but added roof top, usually he is looking for a passenger in the direction of the return and pick up tourists at Buddha Park. The distance is still only 6 km but the road is ancur-ancuran and dusty, wonder deh wide road so but not paved.

His name is Buddha Park, of course, the contents are not far from Buddha statues, but there are also Hindu statues, in total there are about 200an Buddhist and Hindu statues. Model the statues are not shiny and impressed left and moss to black.


Maybe for some people the place seems creepy because the forms of his statues are much like monsters, well maybe it’s a creature in Hindu and Buddhist mythology. The entrance fee is quite cheap only 5000 KIP or about $0.6 stic visitors to be satisfied even though sometimes terrified because it was so lonely. Happy traveling !!!

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