Spend Time in Yangoon

Spend Time in Yangoon

Yangoon as the capital of Myanmar for most tourists just as the entrance only and prefer other cities as a tourist destination. Just like me and Jard who on the first day landed at Yangon international airport fled to Mandalay in the north. But in the last days in Myanmar we stayed overnight in Yangoon in a cheap hostel close to Sule Paya.

What we did all day in Yangoon was a leisurely walk from morning till night, we started off with a noodle soup breakfast on the sidewalk in front of the hotel. Finish our breakfast down the typical British colonial buildings around Mahabandola Garden. Those who like colonial buildings can spoil the eye here, some of the big-looking buildings are still manicured and functioned as government offices like the Immigration office, the District Court, etc., the Church also exists.



Mahabandola Garden

Satisfied down our colonial territory back to Mahabandola Street, no doubt in this area is an Indian settlement, in Mahabandola street and surrounding there are a lot of Indian restaurants as well as Indian typical people passing by. Surprisingly, there are several mosque domes that are close together in several aisles. “Sunni Mosque and Shi’i Mosque” said the old man on the street that I asked why many mosques are standing.


And one of the most famous markets in Yangon that must be visited is Bogyoke Aung San Market, my goal is just looking for T-shirts bearing Myanmar but in fact of the thousands of shops selling T-shirts for tourists only 2 stores. That too I know from the mascot who insisted on dropping me to the t-shirt shop and finally he offer me agate. I thought I was tricked with him for not buying his ponytail, in fact there was no T-shirt with Myanmar written on Bogyoke, instead he told me there was a cheap T-shirt seller bearing Myanmar on the opposite side of the market street, and there really was. So who want to look for Myanmar T-shirts buy time saga in Bagan.


After the market we visited the tomb of a forgotten man and almost no tourists visited the tomb. It is the tomb of the last King of the Mughal Dynasty in India, Bahadur Shah Zafar in 1858 was banished and exiled to Burma by the British Government which then colonized India and also Burma (present-day Myanmar). At first I hesitated to go in because it was quiet, but once I got off my shoes there was someone who welcomed me and explained all sorts about Shah Zafar. Apparently he is the imam of the mosque who also doubles as a caretaker. In the Upper Mosque there are 3 tombs which are the wives and two children of Shah Zafar. Displayed photographs of visits from some important Indian figures who had stopped. The priest then took me to the lower part of the mosque where the tomb of the wasted King was. .

From the tomb we continue walking to the most famous place in the whole country, Shwedagon Paya (Shwedagon Pagoda). The first time I saw the pagoda from the movie The Lady starring Michelle Yeoh and gaping for so much. To enter the pagoda foreigners have to pay 8 dollars, in my last days in Myanmar the money is so mepet forced me to pretend to be a local person to avoid paying the ticket, and Jard I stay behind for wearing hijab, lucky he also escaped the obligation to pay ahaha tickets. When the Caucasians turned to the booth where the tickets were sold I straightened the plates just enter the X-Ray examination, I was silent and nodded even though the officers invited to speak in Burmese. Inside the pagoda is not calm it seems to see the tourist policemen wandering around, afraid of getting my check just silent in the corner. But do not hope to escape from the north entrance because the examination is even tighter.


History says the Pagoda with a golden giant dome about 98 meters tall is 2500 years old and built in the 4th century, but some archaeologists say that the stupa was built between the 6th century until the 10th century, this time of course, time was restored due to damage caused by natural disasters and others. Who wants to know more about Shwedagon there is a special room like the museum and his photographs are also on display in it. No wonder this place is so famous in Myanmar, like Mecca for Muslims, Shwedagon is a shrine for Buddhists and a lot of I see Chinese and Thai tourists as well as local people from rural Myanmar come to tour while worshiping.


So great that pagoda makes me curious to go around several times round while watching people pray, I see there Corner Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Probably meant that a certain day of prayer in a certain corner, in fact I see many who pray in various places. I rested while waiting for the night here while wi-fi-an and torturing Jard to shoot me many times at Shwedagon for the best picture, he said that the night would be more beautiful because the glow of the golden pagoda light shines around. And indeed the night scene in the pagoda is so bewitching.


Actually there are still places of interest in Yangoon like Kandawgyi Lake but it’s a lake made in the middle of town so I’m not interested but Jard insist on inviting me there, and I regret not to go there because it turns out there is a cool building named Karaweik that serves as a hotel and restaurant afloat and new remember that Karaweik has ever reviewed a program of one of the national tribes. Always travel safe and happy traveling !!!

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