Travel Tips In South Korea

Travel Tips In South Korea

Nine days in South Korea is enough for me to give tips for anyone who wants to go there. Previously I have never written about travel tips because my blog is not a travel guide hahaha. So if there is more thank ya, if there are less do not protest! Here’s a summary of the preparation as well as some important tips and information for a walk in the Ginseng Country.


Before leaving for a clear set up return ticket, passport, and visa. For the way of visa can you guys googling for scattered information on the internet. And information about what season is going on, do not get the wrong costume. Incidentally when I went there was October so it was autumn and the cold was piercing. So prepare a sweater or thick jacket, do not forget to bring thick socks as well. Yesterday I brought two jackets, one I bought in Amazon and the one I borrow a friend hehe. But if the day ya get ready off the jacket because the walk it make a drag while there is air conditioning along the road haha. Ah I forgot to check how much temperature there because I did not bring a thermometer.


Physical exercise and walking for two weeks or a week before going to Korea. Well instead of suggesting to follow-up boxing or something but the roads there really drain the energy. Geographically the position of Korea is in the hills, so the sights there are mostly on the hill or below. And to get to the place is required to go up and down stairs or hills. Not to mention if a lot of traveling with the subway / subway, must go up and down stairs as well, minimally hiks ekskalator. That’s all tired sodaraaaaaaaaa, can make sore foot.


Clearly South Korea is using Won as its currency, so before you take your dollars to dollars and there can exchange to won. I was so desperate not to bring won a penny and so landed in Busan I was looking for an ATM with cirrus logo, visa, or mastercard.


Many say that many Koreans do not understand English, but somehow I meet a lot of people who can speak English yes. In the past time in Japan also in warned-warned so, but in fact not tuh. But it would be nice to learn basic Korean language for simple communication. Surprisingly they can even speak Indonesian. Loh? Try on Namdaemun market, sellers shout “one thousand three thousand and three”.



No doubt the transport there is already well integrated, to map the subway can install applications on each of your smartphone, the choice of applications you can search in google play store deh for android users, complete. Well if you do not want coplicated buying a unit ticket every time you ride a train or bus, can buy T-Money. So it’s a kind of refill card that can pay for anything in Korea, from buying coffee on the machine to paying a snack at Seven Eleven or minimarket, for refills or refunds can also be done Seven Eleven and minimarkets listed on the card. Actually T-Money can only buy in Seoul anyway, because every city has its own cards. Remarkably T-Money can be used across Korea, unlike other cards. The advantage is not complicated and tickets are usually cut 100 or 50 won, not bad. Are transportation instructions English? if the subway in Busan and Seoul bilingual, for the bus there is no English speakers who do not. In Jeju itself all buses only speak Korean.


The taste type of Korean cuisine is bland and sour, however for me pecel rice is the most delicious haha. Be careful for Muslims because it is sold freely pigs, ask before buying whether it contains pork or not (pig = dweji gogi). Much of the real Korean food I’m looking for for me to eat but unfortunately the average hoop hoop. But do not worry there too many seafood. Or you are a fan of kimchi, here is the paradise. I eat a variety of kimchi from the usual to the smelly, my host says I’m great because only strong Koreans eat that stinging kimchi type. well or indeed I am greedy haha. Koreans love spicy food but the spicy level is casual tuh according to my tongue. Continue if at the restaurant or shop you just ask for coffee, it’s free, usually the coffee is self service at the table that has been provided.

It’s Wi-Fi

One that always gets worried when the streets outside the country is the limitation of communication. There are countries that allow tourists to buy local numbers as easily as in US. Well in Korea local numbers are not traded freely, we have to rent mobile phones like in Japan if want to communicate and the price of rent can make suicide. But luckily in Korea every corner there wifi scattered with god-level speed, so just prepare a weapon (smartphone) and voila you can surf anywhere. Well a little tricky anyway because some have asked for a password, but as long as I am there with ease I can surf, just try one by one where the connection is open, even when waiting for the bus at the corner of the road I can steal the connection from building next door.

By telephone, there are still plenty of pay phones with coins and cards. Although it can be said there residents on average already have a sophisticated mobile phone. Uniquely in Seoul there is a kind of multipurpose box machine called Digital View that can help anyone who needs help, there are digital maps, restaurant information, and so forth. Well one feature is a free phone to any corner of Korea. I used the machine to call one of my hosts in Seoul. The box can be found in almost all stations in Seoul and the airport.

Well so many tips from me, if later there is a memorable or there is a question will be added again. South Korea is expensive but not as expensive as in Japan.

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